Kevin. C. Bacon.

Parts to repair and refurbish brake cylinders etc.



I am clearing all stock of brake seals etc.I still have some tools to clear.

Over the years I've unknowingly bought many spares for my own cars that were of dubious origin and poor quality.So I found suppliers who sell original specification parts for older cars. I have some parts for sale listed below,many I have used myself in the past after checking against manuals,parts catalogues and actual cylinders,I know they fit,I know they work.Rubbers will not repair scratched or badly worn cylinders,only use brake fluid as a lubricant.Price is for one axle set (unless stated otherwise) including post to UK.Master cylinder and Servo kits are supplied as singles.Contact me to order.




Servo (Full) kit to fit Rover P5b and others.Kit includes diaphragm,reaction valve seal,cylinder seals and gaskets for air valve housing etc.If unsure contact me to check sizes etc before ordering.English made.Bore size of cylinder is 5/8 inch.£25..00p


7/8 inch dia brake master cylinder repair kit. P5b,Rover P6 (but not tandem type).Contains main seal,dust cover and inlet seal. £6.50p


3/4 inch dia brake master cylinder repair kit Rover P5 (3 Litre)also fits  1961 -1968 Land rover 109 inch wheel base. Note,larger seal is recuperating,the smaller is the main seal...£6.00p


7/8 inch Rear wheel brake cylinder repair kit. Rover P5b.Sold as axle set of two kits. Eack kit consists of two seals,two dust covers and brake nipple cover as per picture... £10.50p


20.6mm Brake master cylinder kit. With direct acting servo only.

Transit 125,130,150,160 and 175, 1972 to 1976.Also fits Transit 75 and 80 1972 to 1978 plus 90/100 1972 to 1976 and 115/120  1972 to 1985. All seals,dust covers and O rings to overhaul.£9.00p


23.8mm  Rear wheel cylinder repair kit.Transit 130/150/160,175 and 190 1976 to 1986 and 100/120/130/160 and 190 1986 to 1991.Picture is of one kit,a pair are supplied as an axle set There are other wheel cyinder sizes fitted to the above transits please check size.£11.00p


Early (to 1958) 5/8 inch Rover 90 etc rear wheel cylinder kit.Also early Rover P5 3 litre and 1955 to 1957 Riley pathfinder rear wheel cylinder repair kit.Two seals and two covers plus nipple cover in each kit to service one cylinder ,sold as an axle set (Pair)  £13.00p


 Early Rover P5 3 litre rear wheel cylinder kit  (1959 to 1965) 3/4 inch cylinder bore.(19mm) Services one cylinder.Also fits Rover 80 and 100 1959 to 1962.Picture shows one kit,two are supplied as axle set .£9.50p


Ford rear wheel cylinder Mk 1 Capri 1.3,1.6 2.0 and 3.0 1969 to 1974. 3/4 inch (19mm) bore.Picture shows one kit.Sold as one axle set consisting of two kits. £7..00p


Single cylinder repair kit. 11/16 (20.3mm) for rear wheel cylinder.Fits fairway taxi (not FX4),Leyland Sherpa 1980 to 89,Triumph Stag,Transit 12 to 25cwt 1965 to 70 and Transit 80-125 1976-91. Check sizes with manual.Most of these cylinders have long,5/16 AF headed bleed nipples.

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