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We are clearing a selection of oils,greases and fluids surplus to requirements.Shipping oil is expensive so oils can be collected by prior arrangement ONLY (contact details at foot of page). Don't just turn up on the doorstep as we do not keep 'normal' shop hours and personal callers are strictly appointment only.Check clearance stock as well.

Price you see is price you pay.

To clear cans of Wynns supercharge oil treatment..

Add to engine oil,said to increase oil pressure,provide better oil consumption and cut down wear Quietens noist engines. Can size 300ml which is enough to treat the average car.   .

Penrite Classic Motor Oil SAE 20W/50.

5 litre bottle.A traditional 20W/50 designed specifically for 60s/70s cars.Many of these older engines were designed to run on these heavier oils.Contains zinc anti wear additives.

More suitable for older vehicles than modern thinner oils.


21.50p collected.


Morris Golden Film SAE 20W/50

5 litre bottle. Morris Golden Film products are made in the UK.

Specially made for older,classic vehicles that use a 20W/50 grade oil.

20.50p collected.


Formula 20w/50 motor oil.

Special price to clear.

1 imp gallon


Castrol GTX 15W/40

Modern diesel and petrol engine oil

4 Litres.


Penrite Automatic Transmission Fluid.

4 litres type ATF33.

Suitable for older Borg Warner gearboxes that use a non dexron type fluid.

Can also be used in power steering systems that use non dexron.



Eureka Fluid Film

Based on wool oil (Lanolin) with added rust converters,made in USA.

Excellent dewatering and penetrative properties,forms a self healing protective and insulating film.Can be used to waterproof leather and protect engines and their electrics in a marine enviroment from the effects of plain or salt water.Ideal as a protection on classic cars etc.

Cans,one US gallon 35..00p,aerosols and smaller tins available please ask for details.

Morris multi purpose spray.

Dewatering spray,lubricates and frees seized assemblies leaves residual film.

Protects against corrosion. 400ml  Not to be used near naked flames.Made in UK.



Multi purpose grease.

 (Medium).Standard 400 gm cartridge.

Wheel bearings,suspension and steering joints and swivels etc.Made by Morris in UK.



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