A Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

I bought a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2.No service history and in poor condition,bought as a project.

Expensive to repair,complex and rust prone,hardly a sensible idea.

This page,like the Rolls is unfinished,a work in progress


The first job was to weld and repair holes in the floor pans.

The drivers side front was the worst but rot was still localised.

After wire brushing the floors were treated with phosphoric acid.

When dry the floors were sanded and painted with a zinc rich paint.

Next job was to remove the lid of the hydraulic reservoir and drain the fluid.

The floats and baffles were removed and the filters taken out and cleaned.

The filters are a fine mesh using a deep AF socket they can be unscrewed.

The area behind the sight glasses was washed out with a syringe.

The sight glass panel is removable but the screws holding it often break.

The longest job was sorting out loads of bodged wiring.

The dashboard was removed so faulty wiring could be taken out or repaired.

 The burnt out interior lights timer and relay replaced with modern units.

The missing switches were replaced with miniature push switches.

The broken rear door switches replaced,using the same units as fronts.

The wiring for the arm rest lights had shorted and was replaced.

 Rust bubbles above the trim strip indicated rust.

Paint and filler covered an old poor repair.


The filler was pulled off and the hole cut back to sound metal.

A piece of 1.5mm steel was cut and beaten to shape.

The plate was joggled and welded to the wing and floor.

The area behind was treated and painted.

A thin skim of filler smoothed over the join.

The panel was primed,rubbed down,ready for paint.

The paint will be top coat and clear.