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SAE (AF) sockets listed seperately here.spanners etc listed seperately here
Imperial A.F (SAE) sockets and spanners for British manufactured classic cars,commercials,motor bikes and other machinery using UNC or UNF fixings. A.F (across flats) tools marked in fractional inches fit nuts and bolts used on a great deal of pre late 70s machinery and some later American or British manufactured machines etc. Use the conversion charts to find out if you need AF or BSW/BSF for your application.Metric tools will not fit older machines.
To order with a credit card or for outside UK,multiple buys etc phone (44) 01472353993 or mobile 07974435627 More purchasing details etc are here.
I would rather have to justify a higher price than apologise for lower quality.

BSW/BSF and BA spanners.

BSW/BSF and BA sockets


UNC and UNF Imperial thread gauge.German made.30 steel blades measure threads in the ranges 4 to 42 TPI.Essential to avoid damage using incompatible fastenings etc.These threads are often found on older vehicles.Nuts and bolts using these threads need Imperial AF spanners or sockets,such tools are marked in fractions of an inch (or occasionally the decimal equivalent) sometimes referred to as SAE. 5.00p



Thread gauge for UNC and UNF threads.

Six piece set of AF combination spanners. On metal rack,made by Silverline tools. Handy for DIY etc. Sizes 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8 and 11/16 inches AF. 4.00p. Can post to UK,EU and Rest of World.

AF or SAE combination spanner set to fit imperial bolt sizes.

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Set of English Made combination spanners in AF sizes by Abingdon King Dick. Excellent quality,suitable for serious professional use.Set of six spanners sizes 7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16 and 3/4 inch AF. 42.00p

English made combination wrench set.




Draper 11 piece AF combination spanner set.Sizes 1/4,5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,13/16 and 7/8 inch across flats.Made by Draper,decent quality.Set covers sizes found on most classic cars and bikes etc .These come in a vinyl roll and are an ideal set for repair,servicing and restoration on older cars or bikes needing SAE tools,can post worldwide. Larger picture go here 18.90p.


Large good quality AF combination spanner set.


Comprehensive Draper 14 piece combination spanner set.

Sizes 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8,15/16, 1.00,1.1/16,1.1/8 and 1.1/4 inch AF (across flats). A full set of AF sizes for more extensive repairs and restoration on classic cars. 55..00p contact us for a post quote.

Larger picture go here.


Set of combination wrenches for UNC or UNF threaded nuts and bolts.

Set of smaller A.F combination spanners proper chrome vanadium steel.Sizes 1/4 ,5/16 ,3/8 ,7/16 and 1/2 inch A.F. Carded. These are English made,full professional quality nicely finished in chromed and polished chrome vanadium steel 31..00p per set.

Set of English made,high quality across flats wrenches.

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Set ring spanners made in England by King Dick. The sizes are 3/8 to 7/8 inch AF. The spanners are new in their original old fashioned shrink wrap packaging.The spanners are deep cranked or ring neck type and of good,professional quality. 35..00p (may be carded or in wallet state if any preference).


SEt of ring spanners,called box end wrenches in USA.

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Set six ring spanners. As above set with two more added. English made in sizes 5/16 to 1 inch AF.Chrome vanadium steel,plated and polished .Ends are twelve point as above set. 50.50p.

A pair of professional quality deep cranked AF ring spanners.



Miniature,very accurately made combination spanner set in eight AF sizes.Genuine English manufacture,come in a wallet.Sizes are 5/32,3/16,7/32,15/64,1/4,9/32,5/16 and 11/32 inch.Larger sizes are 12 sided ring,the smaller are six sided. Ideal for delicate work on older cars and bikes.16.50p. Can post to UK,EU or Rest of World.

(We also have these in metric sizes please ask for spec).

Miniature AF good quality combination spanner set.English made.

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Miniature or Magneto spanners made by Elora in Germany. In metric sizes from 4 to 7.5mm in half mm increments (Eight spanners in all) Spanners are open ended also included are a feeler gauge,screwdriver and contact file all on a ring.Price 7.50p

A metric magneto spanner set.Miniature combination type spanners.

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Set (B) 1/2 square drive six sided af sockets.Sizes are 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16 and 3/4 inch af. A useful set suitable for DIY use and sensibly priced 9..30p can post UK.EU or ROW.

Small 1/2 drive af (SAE) socket set.

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Set (A) 3/8 drive mono hex (six sided) imperial (af) sockets.Sizes are 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 9/16 5/8 11/16 and 3/4 inches af (across flats) .Some people prefer six sided sockets for worn fastenings. For older,classic cars and motorbikes where af sizes are still often found.Economically priced at 9..00p can post to UK,EU and ROW..

AF socket set


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Set of eight 3/8 drive AF standard depth six sided sockets. Good quality chrome vanadium steel on a socket rail sizes 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4 and 13/16ths inch AF. Excellent value for money at 9..10p can post to UK,EU and ROW. Larger picture here.

Six point AF socket set.3/8 inch squre drive on socket rail.

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Set eight 3/8 drive deep (63mm long) sockets in AF sizes. Sockets are six sided,proper chrome vanadium steel. Sizes are 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4 and 13/16ths inch AF. Good quality and value for money,come with socket rail. 12..50p can post to UK,EU or ROW.Larger picture here.

Six point deep AF socket set.Made by Laser tools.

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Set of nine 1/4 drive six sided (hex) sockets.Sizes 3/16,7/32,1/4,9/32,5/16,11/32,3/8,7/16 and 1/2 inch AF.Suitable for DIY type usage and handy in having some of the harder to source 7/32,9/32 and 11/32 inch sockets included. 7.40. Can post anywhere.

DIY type 1/4 drive small AF socket set.



Set of nine precision 1/4 drive deep sockets, Sizes 1/4,9/32,5/16,11/32,3/8,13/32,7/16,15/32 and 1/2 inch AF.The sockets are 50mm long and of good quality. Chrome vanadium steel with socket rail. 11.75 can post worldwide.Larger picture here.

Deep pattern 1/4 inch drive SAE sized socket set for imperial bolts.


Set of nine standard depth AF sockets in 1/4 drive,Ideal for delicate and precision work on old dynamos,electrical and ignition parts etc.Sizes 1/4,9/32,5/16,11/32,3/8,13/32,7/16,15/32 and 1/2 inch AF. Chrome vanadium steel,complete  with socket rail,the sockets are six sided. 7.75p.


1/4 drive six sided AF sockets for non metric nuts and bolts.

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Combined precison AF tool set. Consists of above 1/4 inch drive sockets 1/4 to 1/2 inch and the miniature AF spanner set.5/32 to 11/32 inch .Suitable for the model engineer or anyone working with intricate parts on older machinery 24.10p. can post worldwide.The precision spanners are available on their own as above.

Miniature AF (SAE) spanner and socket set.Nice tool kit for an older car or motorcycle.

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We can make up complete AF kits,please ask for details,prices etc. AF kit.. 3/8 drive six sided AF sockets as above (A) plus three extension bars and ratchet handle.The smaller 3/8 drive are ideally suited for older motorcycles or small machinery etc.

 Including 1st class post to UK 30.50p Please ask for post quote outside UK.


AF socket set including ratchet handle and extension bars.


A.F kit..1/2 drive six sided AF sockets as above (B) with a set of three extension bars and ratchet handle to suit (similar to picture).Handy little kit for older machinery

.Including 1st class post to UK 34..00p Please ask for post quote outside UK.


Larger set 1/2 drive AF (SAE) sockets and accessories including ratchet handle and bars.


Imperial flare nut spanners.Sizes are 7/16 x 1/2 inch af.Price 7..00p

Imperial flare nut wrench for working on pipe unions in AF sizes.



By Williams superslim.Good quality imperial sized brake adjusting spanners.Cranked ends,square holes.Sizes 1/4 by 5/16 inches or 1/4 by 11/32 inch.Cost 4..50p


Imperial sized brake pipe spanner with square ends.English made.


Imperial brake adjusting spanners.By Draper tools,chrome vanadium steel,square ends handle cranked at 15 degrees,    available in two imperial sizes,suitable many early drum brakes.
1st one.  Ends 1/4 inch and 5/16  inch af.
Spanner approx 175mm long.
2nd one. Ends 1/4 inch and 11/32 inch af Spanner approx
175mm long
Suitable many early British cars and vans.3..00p


square end brake adjuster spanners

 Brake adjusting spanner. (Similar to pic).One end 9mm hex other a 7/16 open end.Made by Draper Tools 3..20p inc post to UK


The 'odd' af sizes 11/32,19/32,and 25/32 inch combination spanners and sockets are sometimes in stock normally Elora or similar quality .We also have some ring and open end obstruction spanners in AF sizes.Ask for a price.



Professional quality SAE sockets.

Proper set of English made AF sockets on a rail. Suitable for constant use in a commercial enviroment Bi hex,1/2 drive Chrome Vanadium steel. Sizes 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8,15,16 and 1 inch AF. These will last for years and are full professional quality, 70 the set.Larger picture click here.


An English made socket set in AF sizes by King Dick.

Draper Expert AF sockets..Set consists of 3/8,7/16,1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,7/8,15/16,1.0 and 1.1/16 inch bi hex sockets.Decent  quality, but stock erratic as Draper don't do much at all in the way of AF sockets any more.  45..00p


A AF socket,12 sided,made in Germany by Elora.




Elora 1/2 drive AF socket set.Full professional quality set of twelve sockets,sizes 5/16,3/8,7/16.1/2,9/16,5/8,11/16,13/16,7/8,15/16 and 1 inch AF. Please note these are supplied loose,they are on a socket rail just for the picture.Price 50.00


Full set of Elora german made socket for imperial bolts.


A few odd 1/2 drive impact sockets to clear. Draper Expert and Elora. Sizes avaliable 5/16,7/16,9/16,5/8,11/16,3/4,13/16,7/8 plus 1 and 1/16,1 and 1/4,1 and 3/16 inch AF.


Impact sockets in AF sizes for imperial sized bolts.


25/32 inch AF chrome vanadium steel 1/2 drive sockets by Draper. Good quality and a normally hard to source size. 3.00p or 6..00p inc post to UK. Also 7/8 inch AF 3/4 drive sockets,Draper 3..50p each or 6..50p inc post. Buy both,including post for 10..00p

Size choice.

Deep twelve sided 1 and 1/8 inch AF by King Dick. 1/2 inch drive. 13..00p we also have these in the Japanese Koken version 13..00p

Deep type hub nut socket in AF size. For axle nuts.

1 and 5/16 inch AF socket twelve point  (standard depth) 3/4 drive 7.50p.

Deep twelve sided 1 and 5/16 inch AF socket. These are often used on swivel and ball joints. 3/4 drive very strong. and good quality.21..00p.


Hub nut or swivel housing,ball joint socket in SAE size.


1 and 5/16 AF hub nut socket .Fits Mini,MGB Triumph TR4 amongst others.1/2 drive six sided impact drive. 7..50p.


Large hub nut socket in AF size. For car hub nuts,impact type.

One and a half inch AF .Fits some Rover series vehicles,some motorcycle gearboxes and others. Six sided deep hub nut socket by Draper Tools (Expert brand) . Chrome vanadium steel,1/2 drive 20..90p

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1 and 9/16 inch AF socket bi hex 3/4 drive Proper chrome vanadium steel socket Draper Expert 7.50p


1 and 7/8 inch AF standard depth hub nut socket by Koken. 3/4 drive. These are twelve sided bi hex,heavy chrome vanadium steel. 31..50p.

1  and 7/8 inch hub nut socket in chrome vanadium steel.

1 and 7/8 inch hub nut socket standard depth made in England (Abingdon King Dick) 3/4 drive.32.00p

Large King Dick,English made AF hub nut socket.

 1 and 7/8 hub inch AF hub nut sockets in a six sided,standard depth 3/4 drive configuration by Koken. Very good quality 26..00p

Two inch AF hub nut socket,standard depth 3/4 drive Elora. Use the conversion charts to check hub nut sizes etc. 32..00p.

Two inch AF hub nut socket by King Dick,English made. These are 3/4 drive and twelve sided. Standard depth 31..00p


Deep One and thirteen sixteenths AF deep hub nut socket 1/2 drive impact type.By Laser.13..00p..

Will post to UK only due to weight.

Deep pattern six sided black finished impact type socket.Non metric.


Reduced to Clear.

1/2 drive Draper deep 7/16 inch AF bi hex af sockets.(Similar to picture) To clear 5..00p




1/2 drive Elora long bi hex af sockets.Two sizes only 1/2 inch and 9/16 inch af.Looks like deep af sockets are going the way of the British empire,these are all Elora have left.5..00p each


Clearance Elora sockets

Seven piece set of conventional hex keys sizes 1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,5/16 and 3/8 inch. Draper number 66446.3.50p the set, 5.75p inc post to UK.

Ten piece set Imperial ball ended hex keys.The ball end allows the key to be used at an angle up to 30 degrees.Sizes 1/16,5/64,3/32,1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,5/16 and 3/8 inch . Made by Draper part no 29596.  10.75p inc post to UK.

Long pattern Imperial hex keys. Set of ten 1/20,1/16,5/64,1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,5/16 and 3/8 inch, the long handle gives good leverage and helps with deeply recessed allen keys. 9.00p set inc post to UK.

Set of af (imperial) hex (allen) keys on ring.The sizes are 1/16,5/64,3/32,1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,5/16 and 3/8 inch af.Hardened chrome vanadium steel,chemically blacked.Made by Draper Tools.3.50p inc post to UK.

We have some special hybrid box spanners/sockets made.Designed to undo nuts with up to four inches of shaft or thread projecting.Various applications,hub nuts,axle shafts,gearbox and clutch assemblies.Various AF ,Whitworth and BSF sizes.You can see them here.
We can also supply model specific wheel braces,forget worrying about the strength of your 1/2 drive bar and tight wheel studs,some of these are made from two inch diameter solid steel!
AF tools... AF stands for Across Flats. .Spanners stamped with an imperial fraction mean that the spanner or socket is that size in inches across its parallel faces.So a spanner stamped 1/2 is a half inch across its parallel faces. These tools are designed to fit nuts and bolts mainly having UNF or UNC threads.These fixings are encountered on older cars,motorbikes and other machinery.Its difficult to give precise dates as the Americans and others used it for longer periods than others and some foreign makers have always used metric . Metric spanners can also be called AF,for example a 19mm metric open ended spanner is 19mm AF.
BA...stands for British Association a virtually obsolete standard using a mixture of decimal inch based sizes.Used on smaller fixings especially on electrical parts it is unusual in that the higher the BA number the smaller the fixing/spanner.0 BA is the largest and 10 the smallest size generally encountered although they are made right down to 23BA.
Whitworth  (British Standard Whitworth or B.S.W. ) ...named after the British engineer who invented it.An pre war standard for threads and spanner sizes.The fine version (more threads per inch) version of whitworth is called British Standard Fine (B.S.F) The size of a whitworth (or BSF) spanner refers to the thread not the size of the bolt head.Phased out by the 1960's officially obsolete after 1965 but some manufacturers carried on using it on some applications much later than this.If you are a classic car or motorcycle enthusiast you'll come across Whitworth and BSF sooner or later..(and the threaded hole in the bottom of your new camera is almost certainly tapped 1/4 whitworth) Whitworth thread is coarser than.BSF but the same spanners fit either.

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