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A few general repair and servicing tools priced to clear.
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Imperial AF sockets.

Imperial AF Spanners.

Whitworth.BSF and BA sockets.

Whitworth.BSF and BA spanners.

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.52 blades,whitworth and metric thread gauge.Represents good value for money and ideal for DIY use.Use to check for BSW (whitworth threads on older cars and motorcycles etc and avoid using incompatible fixings.4..00p can post to UK or overseas.

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Pair of nut splitters.Will crack open rusted or damaged nuts leaving the threads on bolts or studs undamaged.Ideal for exhausts,manifolds,bumper supports etc.To fit nuts from 2 to 22mm. Easy to use,fit over nut and tighten with a spanner forcing the cutter onto the nut,if you can weaken the nut along one flat with a drill it will come off much easier but not essential..6..00p will post to UK.  only (too heavy to post economically outside UK)


Pair of nut splitters for cracking open rusted nuts.

Set screw extractors.Remove broken studs or bolts.To use....Drill hole in centre of stud then screw in the extractor anti clockwise to wind out stud.These are made of a very hard steel,use care in use,don't bend or they may break and be impossible to drill out..Made for Draper tools by Schroeder.11..50p


Imperial feeler gauge set.Blades marked in thousandths of an inch .Blade sizes  1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8,10 ,12 ,15 and 25 thou.Blades fold back in handle.Tappets,spark plugs,point and other settings are often given in thou in handbooks and workshop manuals for older machinery.Proper Imperial feelers avoid converting sizes and using the nearest metric equivalent   4.00p


Feeler gauges. Imperial,also marked with metric equivalents. 26 blades marked 0.0015 to 0.025 inches (and 0.038 to 0.635mm). For spark plug gaps,valve clearances,points and general engineering,automotive work. 4.40p including post to UK 5.60p


 Feeler gauge set.26 blades from 1.5 to 25 thou in 1 thou increments.Blades are hardened and polished steel and fold back into handle.Price 7..70

Gunson compression gauge .With flexi pipe plus 14 and 18mm spark plug hole adaptors.Reads to 300psi,ideal fault finding and diagnosis. One handed operation with pressure release valve. Will confirm head gasket failure,worn or damaged valves,advanced cylinder or ring wear by taking wet and dry readings. (using oil to seal rings/bores.27..00p can post worldwide

Sets of af (imperial) hex keys.The szes are 1/16,5/64,3/32,1/8,5/32,3/16,7/32,1/4,5/16 and 3/8 inch af.Hardened chrome vanadium steel,chemically blacked.These allen keys are on a ring and are made by Draper Tools.Imperial hex keys like most imperial stuff are getting harder to source,these are on a clearance which can't be repeated when they are all sold ,an absolute bargain at  1.50p


Cheap Imperial hex key set

 Combined vacuum and pressure gauge.Can be used as fuel saving device (ddrive with reading as high as possible) Use to set carbs or timing,diagnose and trace intake leaks,valve faults etc.Also checks fuel pump pressure (not high pressure injection type) or turbo etc .Complete with instructions,flexible pipe and adaptors. 18..00p can post worldwide. Larger picture click here


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