I/2 drive cheap whitworth socket set

Kevin C Bacon.

Whitworth,BSF,BA and AF tools for older cars,motorcycles and machinery.

Set of twelve sided BSW sockets on a chromed rail for older british made motorcycles.
Six sided and 1/4 drive BA sockets. Full professional quality.
Imperial Sockets,types and descriptions etc.
Large AF (or SAE) hub nut and axle shaft sockets.
PLEASE NOTE I can and do ship anywhere in the world. I sell stock impact sockets ,hex and bi hex,deep or standard length in imperial sizes.I also stock imperial hub nut,crank pulley,flywheel and other specialised sockets.

To order Whitworth,BSF or BA sockets go here. for spanners go here. For AF (SAE) sockets go here. and for AF spanners go here.
My often copied conversion charts to compare all the imprial/metric standards and to help select the correct tools are here.
Flank drive,wall drive and hi-torq etc are all different makers names for sockets designed to grip away from the corners of a fastening. By contacting the fastening on the flat they can grip worn or damaged fastenings better and allow more force to be exerted without slipping.
 This is a standard 12 sided (bi hex) socket. We sell these in whitworth,BSF,BA and AF sizes to suit older cars motorcycles and commercial vehicles,stationary and boat engine even planes and other military vehicles. These are available in 1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4 and 1 inch square drive.Most quality sockets are chrome vanadium steel,carbon steel is only used on cheap low quality sockets.

A large twelve sided hub nut socket,this one is a two inch AF (across flats) version and 3/4 drive).

 For worn or slightly damaged fastenings some people prefer the six sided (mono hex) sockets we sell these in all imperial sizes in all drives. A six sided hub nut socket.
 ,Where a length of stud protrudes from a nut a standard socket may not fully engage with the corners on the nut so these allow the socket to slide further down,this is a stock twelve sided socket for recessed nuts and bolts.We sell these in imperial sizes and the six sided versions. Where the stud protruding is very long, box spanners or crow foot spanners may have to be used. A deep twelve sided socket for removing ball joints etc on older british made cars.
Deep six sided sockets are stocked even in BSW sizes,in 3/8,1/2 and 3/4 drive. As with all our imperial sockets they are available as sets and normally come on socket rails. Professional quality six sided deep whitworth socket set. Made by Koken in japan.
 We stock specialised deep sockets for applications such as injector or glow plug removal,spark plug sockets etc. The sizing of spark plug sockets is based on the dia of the threaded hole they fit into (14mm being the most common). On older cars the spark sockets would have originally been imperial. A imperial socket for removal of spark plugs.
 Impact sockets are usually six sided and normally made of chrome molybdenum or similar steel to resist shattering when used with impact guns.This one is a standard length . Most common are 1/2 inch drive but they are available in other drives. Where considerable force (torque) is needed to remove or tighten a fixing these sockets are designed to handle greater loads than conventional sockets but are bulkier.. Six sided imperial (BSW) impact socket for removing tight fastenings.Used with an impact gun.
 Deep impact sockets are stocked in all imperial sizes apart from BA.These are used when the nut or bolt is deeply recessed or when there is some stub protruding from a nut.
 We stock hub nut sockets in large BSW (Whitworth) and AF sizes,such sockets can also be used on crank pulley and axle nuts etc.
 Ball joints,steering swivels etc may need specialised deep six or twelve sided sockets. We have lots of these in various imperial sizes for many different applications. We also stock adaptors to allow sockets of one size square drive to be used with a different sized ratchet handle or extension bar. Six sided or mono hex socket for removing ball joing swivel housings on minis or 1100/1300 cars.
 Some obscure specialised sockets are simply no longer made. In most instances we can supply the correct whitworth or AF sockets but where this is impossible we can usually source a metric equivalent . Making single sockets is very,very expensive but we can and do order small productioin runs of otherwise obsolete items.

Large imperial hub nut socket this one fits early ford transit commercial vehicles.

BA sockets are different to all others,using other sockets on BA fixings is a recipe for failure. We have sets of 1/4 drive BA sockets by various makers in sizes from 0 to 10BA BA sockets. BA stands for British Assoiciation and these small nuts are often found on old motorcycles and cars.
 We hold other odd sockets in imperial sizes,for the real odd ball ones please contact us. (E-mail link on home page).
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