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Spanners (or wrenches). Types and details.
 Adjustable spanner (wrench) designed to fit any six sided or square nut but will only grip two opposing flats so liable to slip on smaller nuts.
 Open ended spanner set.Handy where access is limited as they are flat these spanners again grip only two flats of the fixing and so cannot be used on tight fastenings.
 A ring spanner set. (Sometimes called box end) the normal configuration is a twelve sided (as per twelve sided socket) but some small spanners may be six sided. Ring spanners are usually cranked although some are made (often as obstruction spanners) in a flat form.
 Combination spanners. One end is open (usually the opening is at 15 degrees to the handle) the ring end which is usually twelve sided is often slightly cranked an at an angle of 15 degrees to the handle to give clearance.
 Crowfoot spanners. A very short open ended spanner designed to be turned with a socket extension bar or ratchet handle.Normally 1/2 or 3/8 square drive these are specialised obstruction spanners.
 Brake adjuster spanner. Usually have square ends to fit the square brake adjusters found on older vehicles but may have one end as a hex or open ended fixing for some applications.
 Stubby spanners. As the name suggest very short spanners normally in conbination pattern to help access on fittings that would be hard to reach with normal length tools.
 Magneto spanners. Thin open ended spanners to adjust contact breaker points etc. Old fashioned ones such as these were supplied on a ring with a feeler and points file.
 Flare nut spanner. Six (or sometimes twelve sided) ring spanner with pert of the ring removed so that the spanner can be slipped over a brake or fuel line to work on the unions. They grip far better than open end spanners.

Obstruction spanners. Ring spanners normally flat bent in a 'C' shape (as here) or in a 'S'. Sometimes called block spanners as they were used on cylinder blocks (maifolds etc).
  Some ring or combination spanners are designed to have a built in ratchet with a rotating end inside the handle.This example has a lever to set the direction the end ratchets in,others are simply reversed to do the same thing.This one has flat sides and is of built up construction,others are one piece and look at first glance like conventional spanners.

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